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The Internet remains the most popular way to do so: about 23 percent have participated in this form of communication over the Internet using their computers, compared to seven percent who used their cell phones.Although video chat does indeed make face-to-face chatting easier, it does require more attention from its users that other forms of communication, according to Kathryn Zickuhr, one of the authors of the report.The study also revealed that video-calling online is especially appealing to upscale users.A third of Web surfers (34 percent) living in households earning ,000 or above have participated in such calls or chats, compared with 18 percent of those earning less than ,000.More Americans are getting on board with video chat to communicate with friends and loved ones, thanks in part to new smartphone capabilities and Internet services such as Skype, Google Talk, and Apple i Chat, a new study suggests.

While Apple hasn’t sorted out a group function for Face Time and Google’s Hangouts hold court as the desktop preference for group chatters, Facebook has integrated group video chat into its mobile Messenger app, and Fam’s claim to instant fame is that it can host group chats directly within i Message.There's at least 12 companies in this burgeoning space, and that doesn't even count home-brewed efforts by providers such as Kaiser Permanente.Taking the doctor visit to the home reduces healthcare costs in a number of ways -- it allows doctors to use their time more efficiently and see more patients, reduces waiting room congestion, and often allows doctors to bill less for a visit.Human nature by default has been programmed to be socially active to a certain extent.Some people are more active, while others are less so!

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Teladoc Dallas, Texas-based Teladoc offers patients an alternative to a standard doctors visit.

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