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The endonym for Erromango in Erromangan is Nelocompne.

There are several accounts of how 'Erromango' came into common usage: firstly, an oral history from the Potnarvin area tells of how Captain James Cook was given a yam during his visit in August 1774, and was told in the (now-extinct) Sorug language armai n'go, armai n'go ('this food is good'), and mistakenly assumed this to be the name of the island.

There's a pretty good chance the former MVP has played his last major league game.

That is the fourth procedure on Hamilton's left knee over the last 15 months.

I am a 46 year old psychiatric nurse and I have recently become a manager. They were important forms of irrigation in the development of agriculture in the American Southwest.The proliferation of cotton, pecans and green chile as major agricultural staples owe their progress to the acequia system.A small cartel formed of influential business people, media owners and corrupt politicians is investing energy and resources in an attempt to persuade Western governments that the fight against corruption in Romania, the anti-graft body DNA and its chief Laura Codruta Kovesi no longer deserve their support.We are witnessing a major change of tactics in the fight against prosecutors investigating high level graft.

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