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Cronin, who wrote LFO's 1999 hit Summer Girls, suffered a stroke and died in hospital.

Fellow former boy band stars NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass, who were friends with Cronin, have both paid their respects online, posting tributes on Facebook and Twitter.

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Hewitt tried to cash in on her new celebrity with a second album of songs—this one released to an American audience.

In 2006, Cronin, looking back on his career, told Entertainment Weekly I am truly thankful for the success I had. 'I’m just that same guy writing pop songs to make people happy.

a fat perv was behind the idea of all boy bands in the 90s and molested some for money got to bang love hewitt who loved him but was a sociopath had cancer, died from it he found out on a reality show that another boyband member was dating love hewitt at the same time, and she bought him the same ring!

"She would not have lights on or mirrors in the dressing room.

It's sad because she had a beautiful body."The two had reportedly already picked a date, location and a dress for Hewitt.

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In 1992, Hewitt stepped up her profile as a singer—at least overseas—when she released her first album, , co-starring Whoopi Goldberg and Lauryn Hill.

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